How to Pay For Your Order

If you need help, please contact us.


In order to pay by GCash, please send the total amount of your order to our GCash account, then send payment proof to our email.

GCash Account: 09393351784
Send payment proof to: [email protected]

Please follow these steps to complete the payment:

  1. Open your GCash app
  2. Go to "Send Money"
  3. Go to "Express Send"
  4. For "Send to", enter: 09393351784
  5. For "Amount", enter the total for your order
  6. Go to "Done"
  7. Enter your order reference in the message field, then go to "Confirm"
  8. Take a screenshot or copy the reference number for proof
  9. Send the screenshot or payment information to us by email at [email protected]

When we receive the payment, we will send your order as soon as possible. Orders are usually sent out in the afternoon or evening of the same day that you order.

If you are having a problem or need help, please contact us by text message at 09393351784


We accept payments by PayPal. Simply choose to pay by PayPal at checkout and complete the payment for your order to be confirmed. Your order will be shipped after your payment is complete. Deliveries are usually send out same-day or next-day delivery.

Cliqq at 7-Eleven

You can pay in 7-Eleven over-the-counter.
To pay on the Cliqq machine, choose E-Money payment, GCash, then GCash cash-in.

Send your full payment to: 09393351784

Afterwards, email your payment reference number and order number to us at: [email protected]
We will ship your order after payment is confirmed. Please allow us time to confirm your payment.

Cash on Delivery (COD)

Payments by COD will be paid in cash to the delivery driver when you receive the order. Current maximum by COD is 9000 pesos. Please try to have the exact cash available for the driver because we can't guarantee that the driver will have enough change. Most drivers usually have change.

Bank Transfer

You can pay by bank transfer easily from your bank account. The bank details will be provided when you place your order, and will be checked manually. Please allow time for us to check for the transfer.

If you have a payment reference or screenshot, you can send your payment proof and your order reference to our email: [email protected]